Too late to use, have some Edinburgh Fringe reviews!

Silver Lining & Jacksons Lane: ThrowbackUnderbelly Circus Hub on the Meadows (show run done now, dunno if it’ll pop up elsewhere later)


After having negotiated a bit of street theatre where seemingly random punters formed up and demonstrated the effectiveness of the Roman phalanx with their umbrellas, we went to the circus by accident!

My girlfriend loved it;  I definitely don’t regret it! ’90s pop, a loose charm and acrobatic beauty dried coats + held rain at bay.  I’m not qualified to tell you whether the advertising blurb’s telling the truth when it says this show features rising stars of British circus, but there was plenty of charisma in the room and it worked as well on sodden critics and eager children.

The Elephant Girls New Town Theater, 15.30pm, 25th-28th August


A solid one-woman play, but given the density of info and clash of class/gender/history/sexuality conjured up in the hour long timescale, is that really all?

I don’t mean to be harsh.  This tale of repressed truths and London gangland girls was well crafted, and revealed itself slowly and steadily.  The only trouble is, it felt like it could have been doing something more.

If I figure out what you’ll know when I’ve scripted a play of my own.

Loud PoetsScottish Storyelling Centre, 21.00, 25th-29th August


Loud Poets can make you hang on a dice roll or hold yr breath for resolution. It all feels like an event. Needless to say, they are all utter bastards.

Shout outs to Tanya Evanson, who was the surprise guest on the night that we saw them, for adding cosmiconscious seasoning into the mix. Her words moved through time and space and when she pointed at me and it felt like magic.

Your guest will bring something else to the table; I hope they will be equally special.

Wil Greenway: The Way The City Ate the Stars Underbelly Med Quad, 16.10, 25th-28th August


An uncommonly beautiful juggling act, somehow the viewpoint expands as it homes in on a group of disparate characters heading to the same location. By the end you will be aware that Wil Greenway gives latecomers time/attention. & love.

Fraser Geesin: Jack of All Polymaths48 Below, 20.45, 25th-28th August


Total guff! When Scottish comics twitter descended on this show the comedian (Dr Fraser Geesin BA Hons) complained that we laughed too much and didn’t mention X-Men once in the ensuing “comedy” set!

For real though, Fraser’s a pal, so I know that he’s worried his stand-up’s too arch.  He shouldn’t be.  Fraser’s a big man with a caramel voice, and he’s not shy about looking ridiculous so the laffs come easy.

#TapsAff all the way big yin – yassssss!