Really Positive Response (Ltd.)

Okay, so once you get over the hangover/intense sense of mortification, it turns out that standing in the street in a stupid jacket trying to convince people you know how to save the world is fun.

Who knew?

green holyrood

Don’t worry, I’ll slip out of campaign mode in a minute!

First: it’s always important to remember how little political nerd points and twitter beefs matter to most folk, and it genuinely did feel like we had something to say to anyone who wanted a more involved conversation, which was reassuring. If I wanted to “win” at politics on the internet, I’d have stayed a twitter Marxist forever: I’m only bothering to embarrass myself like this because I genuinely think there’s an opportunity to nudge a bit of power back into peoples’ hands, and to build towards a future that’s not totally horrible for everyone.

Anyway, enough blether, on to some of the funnier/less friendly responses!

While no one seemed to duck us like they did the Tories, or snarl at us like a few people did with the SNP, I did get one “no thanks, hippies!” from a teenage boy that made me laugh. On a similar note, one of the young Tories mumbled something about saving the trees to one of his pals – as I’m not a fan of needless cruelty, I decided not to provide a similar précis of his party’s values in response.

Beyond such cliches, my favourite not-so-enthusiastic punter was the guy who looked me dead in the eye when I asked him if he knew who he’d be voting for in May and said “Labour ya bas!” Good to know someone’s still feeling the fire.

Shout outs also go to the lady who looked at the street full of activists and said, with no small degree of horror, “Oh it’s started”, and to the Tory activist who had to be told to “look interested” by his counterparts on the other side of the road.

Finally, a well-deserved special mention to the woman who told me she was definitely voting Lib Dem because she trusts them – with all love and respect to my friends in that party, this wasn’t a line I expected to hear today!


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