Five Questions for the Future of Scottish Politics – an update!

Back in October, I asked five questions about the future of Scottish politics.  The idea was to look at questions that would be pertinant over the next few years, but a lot of my thinking was based on the EU referendum being held in 2017 rather than in three months’ time, so this gives me a reasonable excuse to look at these issues again.

What can I say, as much as the 2015 general election took it out of me, I didn’t foresee this horror:


Once you’re done applying the mind bleach, let’s have a look at those questions again and see if any of them have been answered or otherwise made redundant…

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One from the notepad

I found this poem about my dad while I was clearing out some old notes last week.  As far as I can remember I decided not to do any more work on this because I thought the concept was a bit too sentimental, but I’ll allow myself the indulgence in the circumstances.

‘Remember that time at Universal Studios?’

“There I am, just walking about!”
So strange now that my dad’s mobility
Is confined to old VHS tapes
A relic of dead technology.

Forget about the new stuff, the chair
The hoist, the lift – nah!
If you want to get back up the stairs
You’ll find a black box there to do the trick.

Fast forward, rewind, up and down he goes:
Fuck starring in Star Trek, this is magic!