The Weegie Board Presents – When a Temp Came Crashing Through My Window…


Previously on The Weegie Board: we accidentally invented The Artist Taxi Driver, and invoked 50 Shades of Grey without meaning to.

These strips were initially composed and published in early 2014 as part of an attempt to keep Scott and I working after Thought Bubble 2013.  We’d both taken huge piles of two freshly printed comics to that convention, and while we managed approximately three sales between us there was still a determination to KEEP GOING in the aftermath.

Obviously, it didn’t last.  I sent Scott a few more scripts, most of which were a bit more formally ambitious than the ones that were completed, and all of which were still far too wordy. It is entirely possible that they were bad scripts in terms of both their conception and their execution, so I can’t blame Scott for not finishing them – this was an enjoyable experiment, but I always felt like I was fucking up the results.

The biggest problem I had with The Weegie Board was that Scott had asked me to do something that he does a lot better than me: the four panel gag comic. Scott’s been drawing web comics on-and-off since I met him over a decade ago, and I’ve read most all of them so I know that he has his own unique rhythm and that he’s tried to push himself past it, to varying degrees of success.


See, I told you Scott was funny prick! Or if I didn’t, I am now! This is from his Points on a Graph.

Figuring that he didn’t need me to do a half-arsed impersonation of him, and knowing that could never do more than replicate the shape of his comics without matching their purpose as tools for him to take apart whatever’s happening or has happened in his life, I tried to do something else.

The idea was to do a slightly more high-concept thing, with short series of strips outlining an unnecessarily convoluted comedic idea;  I struggled to express those concepts in an optimal number of words and pictures, and the demand for an endless stream of new character models probably wasn’t what Scott had in mind when we started this project. “When a Temp Came Crashing Through My Window…” is still too verbose and too visually static, but it’s probably my favourite because – strangely enough – it comes as close as any of them to being my own not-quite-as-good version of one of Scott’s comics, i.e. the exact thing I’d set out NOT to do.

My best contribution was the one that highlighted my own obsolescence: go figure.

Anyway, The Weegie Board petered out at this point, so this will be the second last strip published on this site – there’s a Christmas special that I’m holding back until it’s more seasonally appropriate.

The second best thing about working on these comics was seeing Scott turn my terrible thumbnail sketches….

cabs rule everything around me 2

…into workable comics on a regular basis. Scott doesn’t believe me but he’s a far more talented and likeable writer than me, and I hope he does some more work of his own soon, for his sake and yours.

The best thing about working on these strips was just spending more time talking to one of my best friends through script, text and email. My new aim in life is to realise that I do not need these excuses for basic human communication – wish me luck!


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