Beatrix Campbell – End of Equality

Reads like it was written in a rush, but that just adds to the sense of energy of this far reaching overview, which draws in everything from The Wire’s mythology of modern capitalism to the equal pay protocols in the 1919 Treaty of Versailles as part of its argument that increased market liberalisation has been built on the manipulation of women’s “traditional” (i.e. patriarchally prescribed) roles.

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As Campbell put it when I saw her giving a talk on this subject at the Scottish Greens conference in 2014, for all the rhetoric of freedom through (consumer) choice, “the labours of love and care are still gendered worldwide“. End of Equality goes significantly further than this in exploring the different modes of exploitation that are built into global capitalism, and as such its hurried, glancing overview is every bit as urgent as its tone and brevity would suggest


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