Filthy Friday #4

This week’s Filthy Friday ended up being rather more topical than I’d intended, between its counter-resonances with today’s protests about our new stupid porn laws, and its focus on The Filth‘s debt to broadcasting genius Chris Morris at a time when the BBC seem to be paying a lot of attention to him.

Sitting on Santa's Lap For Dummies

On the former point, I hope it’s evident that while this piece features a left-wing critique of porn as labour, it’s not written in the spirit of these absurd rules.  On the latter point, I’d highly advise you to listen to BBC4 Extra’s three hour retrospective on Morris’ work, Raw Meat Radio, alongside their repeats of his Blue Jam radio series.  Failing all that, you could always scour Cook’d and Bomb’d for clips – Morris’ could turn the telling of the time into a mobius strip trip, and I’m still getting my head round the amount of great, early radio work there is out there for me to listen to!

I’ve had a hectic week so forgive me for making this short. By way of compensation, here’s a post on Morris’ ‘Casual Parents’ sketch that was partially cannibalised for this section of The Function of The Filth.

Check back this time next week for the final part of this preview – it’s a bit of a belter!

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