Filthy Friday #1

COMING IN SPRING 2015 – THE FUNCTION OF THE FILTH!! Alas, this isn't the cover for my book but an unused cover design for The Filth itself!

I’ve spent far too much time writing about Morrison and Weston’s toxic anti-fantasy The Filth – if you include comments left on the Barbelith message board, I’ve been doing this since 2002! – but despite several previous attempts in this direction, I’ve never quite managed to write the book length treatment of the comic I’ve been threatening since… 2010, at least. Another unused cover design, combining Carlos Segura's clinical design skills with Chris Weston's interior artwork. The optimal time for writing this book has passed, and the comics internet has developed a more complicated/exasperated relationship with one of the book’s primary authors, Grant Morrison.  These difficulties have fed back into the work, and I’ve finally found a method of writing about the series that does justice to its mix of the puerile and the tragic, and which allows for both immersive readings of the comic and criticism of the culture in which it grew and festered.

Sequart’s terrible book on this subject (Curing the Postmodern Blues: Reading The Filth in the 21st Century) is upfront about the fact that it’s going to give Filth-penciller Chris Weston a short shrift,  and I’m determined not to repeat this error in my book – I can imagine a version of this story written by John Smith, but I can’t imagine one drawn by anyone other than Chris Weston. Future Filthy Friday posts will give more details of this method, but for now you can CLICK HERE to read an excerpt from the first chapter, the castle made of flesh that was exploded. Fuck me but these unused covers are good! Click here to see the lot. I hope you enjoy it.  All feedback is welcome – Plok has already provided several suggestions that I’m hoping to implement before the book goes to print, but I’m sure there’s some stuff in there that even his eyes will have missed!

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