Filthy Friday #1: The Carter Addendum

In an unusual bit of Filthy synchronicity, it appears that a new deluxe hardcover edition of The Filth is due to be released in April next year – in the very same month I’m aiming to release my book of criticism on this subject!  From now on I’m going to pretend that my plan was to release The Function of The Filth to coincide with this release, but you’ll all know that I’m just making it up as I go along.


In other news, I couldn’t get the introductory quote from the print version of chapter one of The Function of The Filth to sit nicely in that Mindless Ones post, so I’m whacking it up here in order to provide context for some interpolations that will appear throughout these excerpts:

What are the butcherly delights of meat? These are not sensual but analytical. The satisfaction of scientific curiosity in dissection. A clinical pleasure in the precision with which the process of reducing the living, moving, vivid object to the dead status of thing is accomplished. The pleasure of watching the spectacle of the slaughter that derives from the knowledge one is disassociated from the spectacle; the bloody excitation of the audience in the abattoir, who watch the dramatic transformation act, from living flesh to dead meat, derives from the knowledge they are safe from the knife themselves. There is the technical pleasure of carving and the anticipatory pleasure of the prospect of eating the meat, of the assimilation of the dead stuff, after which it will be humanly transformed into flesh.

Angela Carter, The Sadeian Woman: An Ideology of Pornography


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