Bubble Pop

I really should have written something here this week, given that I distributed the address with previews of my book-in-progress at Thought Bubble 2014, but I’m lucky if I’ve scraped together a night’s worth of sleep in the past week and between working my day job, talking nonsense with a sickly Canadian visitor (the mighty Plok!), and helping my girlfriend through last-minute essay panic I’ve not really had the opportunity to finish off any of the posts in my “drafts” folder.

I’ll be posting the first excerpt from my book of comics criticism The Function of The Filth tomorrow…


…so for now I’ll leave you with two links, one for the comics people and one for those who care about everything else!

ITEM! — SILENCE! #122, live from Thought Bubble Comics Convention in Leeds

For the second year running my fellow Mindless Ones Gary Lactus and The Beast Must Die hosted a live version of their popular comics podcast at Thought Bubble.  I wasn’t able to make it along this year as I was too busy covering the table, so I’ll be listening along with you for the first time when I download it later.

Comics writers Kieron Gillen, Al Ewing and Si Spurrier were in attendance, along with someone who I believe may qualify as The Most Special Guest.

A representative picture:



ITEM! — My pal doesn’t want to be part of any club that would have her, let’s all hang around with her until she agrees we’re the coolest! 


Like many people, my friend Jessica found the movement for Scottish independence to offer a political space in which she could actually live and operate as a human being and (importantly) a woman.  Take away that last detail and I was right there with her.

There were arseheids on both sides, of course – I knew a Labour For Indy bod who was going out with a guy who ran a Facebook quiz that predicted a NO vote back in 2011, and they were pilloried as tricksters and phantoms by the NO and YES camps respectively, their whole lives dismissed as a cunning ruse, their whole YES-friendly relationship presumably an elaborate cover conceived by an idiot.  Still, it was easy to ignore that sort of nonsense when you were watching people debate what sort of society they wanted to live in from the broad strokes to the fine details, and when people were finding new ways to get people involved in that process on a weekly basis.

Now that the sense of possibility has bled out of the situation, it makes sense that some folk are desperately trying to replace it, but one of the easiest ways to do this is to give in to your inner arseheid – that way, you’ve got plenty of gas to spare.  Anyway, Jessica’s far funnier and more insightful on this situation than I am, and you should probably go read what she has to say about it now.

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